15 iMessage Tricks Everyone Should Know About

Apple’s iMessage platform is used by over 1 billion people. That’s an incredible number and shows how essential text messages are in our lives. But it also means that most of us could miss out on some amazing iMessage tricks and capabilities.

Whether you’re new to iPhone or a seasoned user, chances are you’re not taking full advantage of the iMessage platform. So let’s take a look at 15 essential and awesome tricks you should know about to get more from your text messaging experience.

We’ll explain each trick in detail, with step-by-step instructions so you can easily put them into action. So let’s dive in!

5 iPhone Text Tricks for Stylish Conversation

If you’re bored of the same old messages, why not add some style to your conversations? With iMessage, you can do just that. Here are five great iPhone iMessage tricks for spicing up your text messages.

Special Effects

Add some excitement to your messages with animated effects. To do this:

  1. Type out the message you want to send
  2. Press and hold on the “Send” button
  3. When the menu appears, choose the “Screen” option
  4. Select one of the special effects like Slam or Loud to add some excitement to your message
  5. Hit “Send” and your message will appear with the special effect you chose

Bubble Animations

If you want to make your messages extra special, use bubble effects. To do this, type out the message you want and follow these steps:

  1. Tap the “Send” button
  2. When the menu appears, choose the “Bubbles” option to apply Apple texting tricks.
  3. Select one of the animated bubble effects to liven up your message, like Slam or Loud
  4. Tap “Send” again to send off your iMessage with extra flare!

Pro-tip: iMessage users can also apply bubble animations to photos and videos! Just select a photo or video from your library, click the arrow icon next to it, hit “Bubbles” again, and choose which effect you want.

Change Font Style

If you’re bored by the same old font style, you can add a bit of flair to your messages by changing the font style. Go to settings and toggle “Show Subject Field” on. Then type out the message and in the subject field, the font will change to bold.

Text Commands

Alternatively, you can also use text commands to quickly change style, add reactions, and more. For example, typing pew pew iPhone tricks will create a shooting star effect, and typing “boom” will animate the message with an explosion. Here’s a list of some of the more popular text commands you can use:

  • “Congratulations” – to have confetti rain down from the top of the message bubble
  • “Happy Birthday” – to add a balloon animation
  • “Happy New Year” – to add a firework animation
  • “Pew Pew” – to create a shooting star effect
  • “Happy Chinese New Year” – to add a red firework animation


Add a bit of personality to your messages with Memojii. This feature allows you to create fun and creative characters that you can use to spice up your messages. To do this, type out the message you want and tap on Memojii icon under the text box, then click the “+” icon to create a new Memojii character.

Memojii iMessage tricks:

  1. You can customize your Memojii by adding accessories, makeup and other features that may not be available in the default selection.
  2. Experiment with different hairstyles and outfits to create a unique look for each of your Memojiis.
  3. Use the same Memojii more than once – if you have a particular look you like, you can save it and use it in your messages over and over again.

5 Cool iMessage Tricks: More than Chat

Do you feel like there’s more to iMessage than just plain old chats? Well, you’d be right! This section will show you how to search iMessage full range of capabilities to add some extra fun and flair to your messages.

Games and Add-Ons

With the help of Apple’s iMessage App Store, you can find dozens of third-party apps and games to use inside conversations! Just open a conversation and tap on the App Store icon to explore different apps and games that allow you to share content within your chat.

The next time you can’t make a decision, why not flip a coin or play a game instead of arguing? We’ve complied a list of iMessage hacks, games, and add-ons for you to try out.

  1. Tic Tac Toe:  A classic game of strategy. Want to settle an argument or just have some fun? Play a game of Tic Tac Toe with your friend!
  2. Coin Flip: This app does exactly what it says on the tin. Why not let technology decide when you need to make a tough decision? Open up the Coin Flip app and let fate decide for you!
  3. RPS Lizard Spock: A more complex version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Throw in Lizard and Spock to the mix and make more interesting decisions!
  4. Scribble Chat! : Guess what you friend has drawn! Take turns and draw pictures or words, then let your conversational partner guess what you’ve drawn.
  5. Do With Me: One of the most productive iMessage tricks. Like a to-do list, you and your friend can manage tasks together. Make grocery lists, chore list or just keep each other motivated with reminders.
  6. I’m In – Event planner: Planning events can be a hassle. But with I’m In, you and your friends can plan outings or get-togethers quickly and easily!
  7. Polls With Friends: Create a poll and your friends can answer them in private chat just like a survey.

Send Money with Apple Pay Cash

With the help of Apple Pay Cash, you can send and receive money inside iMessage conversations quickly and easily. Learn our iMessage tips and tricks to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your conversation in iMessage
  2. Tap on the App Store icon in the bottom left corner
  3. Select Apple Pay Cash from the list of available apps
  4. Enter the amount you want to send or request
  5. Follow the prompts and confirm your transaction with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.

And that’s it! You can now easily send and receive money with a few simple taps, without ever leaving your iMessage conversations.

Pin conversations

You can easily pin your favorite and most important conversations to the top of your message list. Just swipe left on a conversation, tap on “Pin” and you’re done. It’s that easy!

iMessage hacks: To unpin, a conversation, just swipe left on the pinned message and tap “Unpin.” The maximum number of pinned conversations allowed is nine.

Set Reminders

Did someone send you a message with an upcoming event date or time? Don’t forget it – set up a reminder from your conversation! Here’s how:

  1. Tap and hold on the date or time in your conversation
  2. A menu will appear – tap “Remind Me” to set up a reminder for this time or date
  3. Fill in the necessary details, such as title and time/date
  4. You can also set up a location-based reminder if you’d like
  5. Review the information, then tap “Remind Me” one more time to set your reminder!

Share Music in a Flash

Got a song your friends need to hear? With iMessage tricks, you can quickly and easily share music with just a few taps! Just tap on the plus icon and select the “Music” option. After that, simply choose the music file you want to send – it’ll be sent straight away! There’s no faster way to share your favorite tunes with the people you care about.

5 Genius iMessage Hacks You Need to Know

The following five iPhone message tricks will help you get the most out of your conversations and gain quick access to different features:

Quick Reply

This trick will save you time and allow you to keep the conversation going without opening a chat window. Here’s how:

  1. Long press on any incoming message.
  2. Select “Quick Reply” from the options that appear.
  3. Type in your response and hit send.

It’s that easy! Now you can quickly reply to messages on your iPhone in seconds.

Create Group Chats

Creating group chats is a great way to keep in touch with multiple friends at once. Here are new iMessage tricks on how you can do it:

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “New Message” and select multiple contacts from your address book.
  3. Type out whatever message you’d like to send.
  4. Tap “Send” and your message will be sent out to the group!

You can easily add or remove contacts from a group chat and rename it for better organization. This iMessage hack helps keep conversations organized and fun!

Pro-Tip: When starting out a group chat, you can name the conversation using emojis to make it easier for everyone to identify. And remember about App Store Apple texting tricks. They can help make conversations even more engaging.

Forward Messages

If you want to share a particular message with someone else, you can easily forward it. Just tap and hold the message that you want to forward, select “More” and then hit “Forward.” You can also use this to save a copy of the message in your own chat history.

Send Secret Messages

To keep your conversations private, you can use the secret message feature on iMessage. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Type out the message you want to send as usual.
  2. Long press the send button until the invisible ink icon appears. You know that gesture from how to send messages with effects section.
  3. Tap the icon to send the message as a secret message.
  4. To view the hidden message, your friend will need to press and hold on the bubble until it reveals what’s inside.

Use Digital Touch

Using Digital Touch, you can communicate with your friends and family in a way that’s more fun than typing. This iMessage feature is easy to access – simply tap on the small arrow icon located in the bottom-left corner of the iMessage window. From here, you have several options for expressing yourself:

  1. Draw with your finger to send a drawing.
  2. Tap with two fingers to send kiss Apple texting tricks (this one works only if you have an iPhone 6s or later).
  3. Tap and hold with two fingers to send a heartbeat.
  4. Tap and hold with one finger for a few seconds to send a fire ball animation that looks cool but doesn’t do anything else (this works only if you have an iPhone 6s or later).
  5. Use the Digital Touch camera button to take a photo and share it with your contact.

These animations are fun additions to messages, but they’re also useful for conveying emotions and feelings when words aren’t enough. Give it a try the next time you want to add a special touch to your message.


Using these fifteen iMessage hacks and features, you can get the most out of your iPhone experience. Whether it’s sending a secret message to someone or using Digital Touch to create sketches and drawings, there are plenty of ways to make your conversations more fun. With this newfound knowledge, go ahead and explore all the possibilities that iMessage offers.