How to Find Instagram by Phone Number

It can be quite frustrating when you want to follow a friend or family member on Instagram but cannot find them by name. This is because Instagram does not allow users to search for people by phone number. However, there are a few ways to find Instagram by phone number if you know what to do.

We will discuss how to sync your contact list to Instagram and why it is sometimes impossible to find someone on the app using their number. We will also offer a tip on how to hide your phone number from other users on Instagram.

How to Search Instagram By Phone Number

How can you find someone’s Instagram with their phone number? Anyone knows that registration on Instagram requires a phone number. The app uses the number for verification and to match contacts with people in your contact list who are already registered on the app.

The first step to searching Instagram by phone number is to sync your contacts with Instagram if you haven’t done that yet. To do this:

  1. Go to your profile page and open ‘Menu’
  2. Select ‘Discover people’
  3. Tap ‘Contacts’
  4. Select the contacts you want to sync with Instagram
  5. Select ‘Done’

After you have synced your contacts, you can search Instagram by phone number. Here is how it works:

  1. Return to the ‘Discover People’ page
  2. Select ‘Contacts’
  3. Skim through your synced contacts to find the person you are looking for
  4. If the contact is registered on Instagram, their profile will show up

Pro-tip: Some people type in their phone numbers instead of names on their profiles. If the person you want to find Instagram by phone number does not appear on the list, you can simply type in their number in the search bar, and you may get a profile result. This method isn’t always reliable, but it’s worth a try.

Once you have synced your contacts with Instagram, you should be able to find the people you are looking for. However, sometimes this approach doesn’t work, and you might have trouble locating someone even if you know they’re on Instagram.

Why Can’t I Find Someone’s Instagram by Phone Number

Let’s say you have all your contacts synced, yet still can’t find Instagram by phone number. No, you’re not a loser, and you’re not doomed never to find them. The main reason why this happens is data settings. We’ve highlighted the most common reasons why you’re unable to find someone on Instagram by their number:

  1. The person may have blocked you from viewing their profile, or they have privacy settings enabled that restrict who can view it.
  2. They might have changed their username and/or email associated with the account, so you can’t find Instagram by phone number.
  3. The person may not use Instagram anymore, and has thus deleted their account from the platform altogether.
  4. If the person is using a different type of phone (Android vs iPhone), technical issues could prevent your contact list from syncing correctly.

While most of these issues can’t be resolved, you can use roundabout ways how to find Instagram account with phone number. Here are some tips:

  1. Sync Instagram to Facebook: By linking your Instagram account to Facebook, you can use Facebook’s search bar to find the person you are looking for.
  2. If you have mutual friends, you can use the “People” tab on the main Instagram page to search for them. Name tags, locations, and hashtags can help you find a person.
  3. Alternatively, look for the shared groups and places the person may have been in.

Of course, these methods on how to find Instagram account with phone number are a bit of a workaround for the issue. Nobody can guarantee these methods will work, especially if the person has a private profile. However, you can take your shot and try to find the person.

Can Somebody Find You With Instagram Phone Number Search?

When you link your contact list to Instagram, it does not share any of those numbers with its users. However, if the person has your number stored as a contact, and you have both linked your contact lists to Instagram, the person knows how can you find someone’s IG with their phone number.

How To Hide Your Phone Number From Instagram?

Can you find an Instagram account by phone number and hide yours? Yes! If you wish to hide your number from other users’ searches, you can do so by going into the settings of your profile and disabling the “Linked Accounts” option. This will remove the connection between your phone number and Instagram account.

Additionally, if you have an iPhone, go into the “Settings > Privacy > Contacts” tab on your device and make sure that Instagram does not have access to any of your contacts.

Extra tip: you can remove your contact information from your account by reconnecting your account with a new phone number. This simple process can be done within minutes in your profile settings. However, we don’t advise creating a virtual phone number, which can lead to security issues. Instead, choose your e-mail account to sign in.


To sync your contacts to Instagram, go to the “Discover People” tab in the app. Once there, select “Phone Contacts” and follow the instructions. It may take a few moments, but once completed, you will know how can you find someone’s Instagram with their phone number.

However, remember that some users might have chosen to hide their contact information. In this case, finding them using the contact sync feature won’t be possible. To ensure your own privacy, make sure that no app has access to your contacts list on Settings > Privacy > Contacts. Additionally, if you want complete confidentiality, we suggest reconnecting your account with a new phone number or e-mail account.

This concludes our guide about syncing contacts lists to Instagram. We hope our article was helpful, and now you feel more confident when trying to find someone on Instagram.